The Era Of Smartphones Is Coming To An End

Have you ever wondered why virtually everyone is always searching for the next-best smartphone?

The answer perhaps lies in the fact that technology is largely a cycle of updates. According to Sentinel One, digital networks and systems are unpredictable and endpoint protection software plays a part development success.

Before long, the smartphone upgrade by various industry players will certainly give birth to a totally different piece of technological innovation, where people will no longer have to use mobile devices to communicate or access information.

Today, the focus is on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which is the most likely to replace smartphone technology and its prospects going forward.


A Deeper Look at A.I.

Broadly defined, Artificial Intelligence is the science of making computers perform tasks that require intelligence when done by humans.  Some of the tasks computers with A.I. are designed for include:

  • Learning
  • Speech recognition
  • Problem solving
  • Planning

A classic example of A.I. is the Pixel, which has simply tipped the scales. Moreover, the Google Assistant, which dwells in the Pixel, is very powerful, and you should brace yourself for more of that. Considering the high number of voice-controlled, non-smartphone gadgets in our homes today, it is beyond any doubt that we’ve reached a flux point.


Smartphone Users on AI

According to smartphone users, A.I. will take over control of various common activities, such as searching the internet, getting travel directions, and even function as a personal assistant. One survey revealed that 44 percent of smartphone consumers think an Artificial Intelligence system would be on the same level as a teacher, whereas 33 percent may want an A.I. system to remain with them.

On the other hand, a third of the consumers would rather believe the reliability of an A.I. system than a human when it comes to sensitive matters. Likewise, 29 percent affirm that they would feel more comfortable discussing their medical condition with an A.I. system.

How Will AI Replace Smartphones?

There are sometimes that you’re so exhausted that you don’t even feel like stretching to pick a phone ringing on the other end of the table, right?

Such are the instances where A.I. can save the day. Instead of typing out a text response, you can just dictate it from the comfort of your couch.  Actually, A.I. can expel the requirement for smartphones and desktop devices.

Imagine ordering a burger with your smartphone, for instance. To order, you have to pick up the phone, switch it on, navigate to the app, open the app, and then go through the various steps necessary to complete your order.

Now, imagine making the same order via a voice-activated assistant embedded in the walls of your house. To make the same order, you don’t have to move a finger; you can simply call from the comfort of your lounge.

Nonetheless, those extra steps may soon become irrelevant, as have already in some applications. A case in point is the Google Home or Amazon Echo. If you’ve experienced the handiness of these applications, then you certainly understand where we are headed.


Final Thoughts

As Artificial Intelligence continues to take root in our lives, the possibilities to enhance our experiences far outstrip our fantasies. In fact, if there’s anything you wished your phone could do, there are high chances A.I. has that solution. Nonetheless, before the end of smartphone technology catches up with you, you can make good use of everything has to offer until the transition of A.I. takes effect.

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