Clenbuterol Dosages Experts Suggest for FAST Weight Loss

Clen has so long been associated with weight loss; there is so much to what clen can do for people seeking weight loss solutions. Bodybuilders swear by it and fitness enthusiasts, athletes, celebrities all have been using to flaunt their super fit bodies.

Clen is a medication made for patients with breathing problems such asthma. It acts like a bronchodilator. It has been used for horses too. But then it was misused for cattle and poultry which in turn landed into the human system. Hence it is banned worldwide for usage in livestock and poultry, though some countries illegally practice this.

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go site Since clen gave more energy and stamina to the athletes and players of sports, it became a rampant part of the sporting community. But when it came to the notice of sporting authorities they began to test the players for dope and if caught with clen they would be either fined or banned or both. But still the usage of clen is sport is prevalent.

click Celebrities such film stars, models, musicians etc. Who always have to look best as they are always in the public eye and media glare. Have to look 100%, this isa lot of pressure as they have busy careers and crazy schedules that demand them to have a very bizarre lifestyle. To compensate this, they resort to steroids such as clen to get them into shape.

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click here Clen for a long time has been used for losing fat and maintaining the muscle tissues. It works in such a way that the clen gets attached to the receptors of fat and breaking into the cell walls which are all puffed up due the accumulation of triglycerides. It must be noticed that unlike other cells in the body degenerate, unfortunately fat cells don’t do so. So when these triglycerides are released into the bloodstream as free fatty acids they are bundle of energy waiting to be used, here the other cells in the body with the help of their mitochondria take up this energy and use it as fuel for their activities, which makes the body more energetic. But the body doesn’t make use of this energy, which was released in the blood stream as free fatty acids it goes back to being triglycerides and once again gets stored into fat cells as before. Hence when the clen users take their dosage they usually take it on an empty stomach or before exercising so that the maximum use of the energy happens.

Dosage for men and women

Men can start with 40mcg per day whereas 20mcg per day for women and go up to 120 – 140 mcg daily. Though these may seem initially but to kick start the clen cycle, it is better to go steadily with clen and hit the peak before tapering it down at the end of the cycle this way your body will reach its goals and it will not give jerk effects at sudden intensity of the clen with a high dose which may send the body into shock.

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