What can happen if pituitary gland isn’t functioning??

http://emporiumsoft.com/product/autodesk-3d-studio-max-2009/ The HGH is a growth hormone produced in the pituitary gland and maintains and controls the production as well as secretion of other hormones. The deficiency in growth hormone can take place because of several factors. Some of the conditions may begin in childhood, whereas some other present in adulthood.

watch It is very important for the pituitary gland to work properly. If a pituitary gland isn’t functioning, it may lead to deficiency. The pituitary gland produces eight hormones and secretes them. These hormones are helpful in controlling the body temperature as well as thyroid activities of an individual. The Somatropine or the growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and works on the instructions of the hypothalamus.

source site When the hypothalamus wants to increase the production or release of growth hormone, it sends signals through growth hormone releasing hormone. And when it wants to decrease the production and secretion of hormones, it sends somatostatin. The hormones have the ability to change the permeability of the membranes, in growth, potential to activate or deactivate enzymes, in synthesis of protein, stimulation and enhancement of mitosis and cytokinesis.

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http://arento.com.ua/?how-to-write-a-research-paper-on-child-abuse Reasons for the deficiency of the growth hormone:

The malfunctioning of a gland results to the deficiency of hormones. There are numerous reasons that may cause deficiency of hormones, including the pituitary gland. The deficiency of a gland may contribute to excessive levels or high levels of hormone. Also, it may lead to nonexistent production of hormone. Some other common causes of the deficiency of the growth hormone include:

  • Trauma to the brain/head
  • Surgical procedures on the brain
  • Malformation or decreased functioning of the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus
  • Infection
  • Pituitary gland tumor growth
  • Lack o required blood supply to the pituitary gland
  • Genetic conditions like turner syndrome

Ways to diagnose the deficiency:

The deficiency of a growth hormone can be diagnosed with the help of blood tests. The fluctuation of levels in a day is known as diurnal variation. IN order to diagnose these variations is a bit tricky. Also, this diagnosis can be confirmed with the help of additional tests like kidney tests, x-rays, thyroid tests, etc. if a tumor is suspected on the pituitary gland or in any other area of the brain , an imaging scan is recommended.

Treatment of the growth hormone:

The treatment of the deficiency of growth hormone depends on the overall goals and age of an individual. It has been seen that the doctors recommend injections to the individuals with normal pituitary gland. Due to natural aging process, there is a decline in the growth hormones. Also, the injections are recommended, when the pituitary gland isn’t functioning, is malfunctioning, is injured, or dysfunctioning. The HGH supplement is the non-prescriptive form of treatment. These supplements are designed to boost the production, secretion, health and function of the hormones in the body of an individual. Exercising along with a rich diet is also helpful in overcoming the deficiency of the growth hormone.

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