Facebook now offers Hindi transliteration on Android

Facebook now offers Hindi transliteration on Android

Facebook has introduced a new feature that automatically transliterates the Roman script of English, into Devanagari, the Hindi script. This feature is available in India on the Facebook app for Android. It adds a “lightweight” Hindi editor inside the Facebook app and users will have to enable the feature by going into ‘App Settings’ and turning on the Hindi Keyboard. Once this option is selected, users will see a button added to the bar where they type. Tapping this button will transliterate the characters into Devanagari. It will also suggest similar Devanagari characters and will also remember the suggestions, which are used the most. There is also an option for users to type in the characters if they do not see the correct suggestion.

Facebook says that this feature was introduced after it received feedback that users in India would like to write using the Hindi script on Facebook. The company also noted that many of the Android devices sold in India did not support typing using Devanagari, leading to users installing a separate keyboard app. This may require users to switch between different keyboards when they want to type in a different language.

A few days ago, Facebook rolled out a group-calling feature to Messenger for Android and iOS users. The new features lets up to 50 people to participate in a call. Users will now see a new calling icon when they open a group onMessenger. Other users can also join the call while it is already going on.

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