Google to develop in-house startup incubator

Google to develop in-house startup incubator: reports

According to a report by The Information, Google has an in-house startup incubator in the making. Keeping with Google’s tradition of secretive code names, the project is currently being referred to as “Area 120” internally. The idea is to retain entrepreneurial talent from within Google and cultivate their ideas, skills within the company itself. Google plans to fund and assist these startups and potentially grow them as an investor in the future.

Although not many details have been reported about the project so far, it is said that  long time Googlers Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz will be leading the initiative. Word is that the two discussed the startup incubator initiative at a recently held all-hands meeting.

The move seems like one that should have been thought of by Google a long time ago. With its resources, the company can foster valuable talent within its walls and have the potential of being at the helm of innovation always. It is yet unknown how much freedom the company plans on provide its entrepreneurial talent.

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