How effective is Humatrope as a Growth Hormone?

The hormone of Humatrope was produced by Eli Lilly. It is another brand name to synthetically manufactured growth hormone taken through injections. The growth hormone injection is recommended as a treatment for growth hormonal deficiencies for both children and adults. However, it is not meant for everybody even if the growth hormone levels are low.
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Reviews of Humatrope
Humatrope is one of the prescription-only drugs in the market. In generic, it is called somatropin – produced with recombinant DNA technologies (rDNA). Humatrope heals disorders caused due to hormonal deficiencies. Before incorportating the correct injection dosage, you must know if you are allowed to intake it:

  1. For children
  2. Diagnosed to have Turner syndrome
  3. Short stature homeobox gene deficiency
  4. Idiopathic short stature
  5. For adults
  6. Damaged or diseased pituitary gland
  7. Damaged or diseased hypothalamus
  8. Trauma
  9. Radiation therapy triggering pituitary, especially in the hypothalamic region
  10. Surgical procedure

Dosages of Humatrope
The dosages of this drug depend from person to person or rather case by case. The injections sites must be rotated regularly and subcutaneously administered. The conditions being treated also asses the amount of dosage. For instance if there is:

  • Growth hormone deficiency in kids they can consume 0.18 to 0.30 mg per kilogram every week.
  • Treatment needed for Turner syndrome, the dosage can go up to 0.375 mg per kilogram every week
  • Treatment needed for short stature, the dosage can go up to 0.37 mg per kilogram every week
  • SHOX deficiency, the dosage can go up to 0.35 mg per kilogram every week.
  • Small for gestational age, the dosage can go up to 0.47 mg per kilogram every week

Now the dosages for adults can differ according to weight or again not according to their weight. However, for instance if it is:

  • Weight-based then it should not go more than 0.006 mg per kilograms every day. The maximum amount would be 0.0125 mg per kilogram per day.
  • Non-weight-based dosage starts from the minimum of at 0.2 mg every day and can gradually go in small increments as prescribed every month.

The drug of Humatrope comes in 5 mg files or 5 ML diluted forms. These are often available in cartridges and pre-filled syringes with dosages of 6 mg, 12 mg or 24 mg. These come in color-coded cartridges and are recommended to be used with pen delivery devices.
Side effects
There are potential chances of have side effects, especially if taken without consultation. You might not physical competent to withstand the medicine. The contradictions on the drug are:

  • Active malignancies
  • A child with closed epiphyses
  • Sensitivity to ingredients
  • Active diabetic retinopathy (proliferative or severe non-proliferative)
  • Child diagnosed with Prader-Willie syndrome and is obese or have other forms of respiratory problems

It is important to talk to doctors or pediatricians before taking in this drug. They can give you the correct injection dosage or tell you that you shouldn’t take it at all. The reactions might lead you in worse conditions, so doctors will tell you the right thing to do.